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Technical Analysis Foundation Course

Learn to Trade Financial Markets the Right Way Following the Corellian Academy Trading Strategy

Date: 16 February 2021
Course Duration: 4 x 90 Minute Sessions
Venue: Video Conference
Price: £349.50

A strong foundation on which to build is vital. This is the reason we have designed this 4 week, 90 minute per week Technical Analysis course. It will take you from the basics of the subject, to a level where you can start to view trading with a completely different perspective.

Each week you will be able to interact with Richard Adcock MSTA, our Technical Analysis mentor, who has over 35 years’ experience in the subject with several top Investment Banks and Hedge funds.

The course structure is as follows:

Technical Analysis Foundation Course – Week 1

  • What is Technical Analysis and why it’s relevant
  • Dow Theory
  • Types of Charts
  • Trends
  • Examples in Current Markets

Technical Analysis Foundation Course – Week 2

  • Reversal Patterns
  • Continuation Patterns
  • Support & Resistance
  • Supply/Demand Vacuum
  • Volume
  • Example in Current Markets

Technical Analysis Foundation Course – Week 3

  • Candlestick Charts
  • Using Candles to Gauge Sentiment
  • Construction
  • 1, 2 & 3 Day Patterns
  • Examples in Current Markets

Technical Analysis Foundation Course – Week 4

  • Using everything you’ve learnt to trade
  • Incorporating indicators
  • Applying what you’ve learnt in current market conditions
  • An open session to discuss your questions in greater detail

This course consists of 4 separate live webinars at 7 pm for you to attend on the following dates:

  • 16th February 2021
  • 23rd February 2021
  • 02nd March 2021
  • 09th March 2021

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Course provided by: The Corellian Academy

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