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Bitcoin Set to Become Institutional Trading Market

Bitcoin Set to Become Institutional Trading Market

 17 November  - Anita Hawser,  The Trade Institutions to increase target asset allocations to crypto and digital assets longer term, study finds, despite regulatory concerns and there being no ' how-to-guide' on how to trade these assets.
Institutional investors and wealth managers have increased their allocations to digital assets in the past year with almost 40% believing their organisation’s long-term target allocation to these assets should be between 5% and 10%. These are the findings of a study of 100 global institutional investors and wealth managers commissioned by Nickel Digital Asset Management, a London-based FCA-regulated investment manager dedicated to the digital assets space. The study found that almost all institutions had increased their allocation to crypto and digital assets in the past year, with a quarter increasing their allocation by more than 100%. In the next year, almost all firms said they expected to increase their allocation, with just under a third indicating by more than 100%. Nearly half of firms surveyed said they “strongly agreed” that the finite number of Bitcoins (21 million, with almost 90% of coins already in circulation) made it an attractive hedge against inflation while 43% said they slightly agreed and 12% said they disagreed. To read the full article, click here.

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